iWood Laptop

Well isn’t this adorable.  The iWood – stop, we know what you’re thinking – is a wood laptop, but instead of an operating system, battery, processor, keyboard and screen, it rocks a good old chalk board.  Perfect if you don’t want your kids to get sucked into the world of Club Penguin and you still wanna promote their inner creativity.  It’s also a great preventative measure to ensure that your iPad lasts longer than 3 months, if you catch our drift.

The iWood’s trackpad serves as a storage area for your kid’s chalk, and the keyboard, in addition to the screen, have been replaced with a chalk board finish, allowing your kid to dream up the next great laptop.  The screen, if you will, folds down, though we’re pretty sure those hinges are Jon Ives certified.

The iWood can be purchase for about $55.


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