First look at Kobo Vox Android eReader that outrightly challenges the Kindle Fire

First look
Kobo has finally released an advanced tablet version of its Kobo eReader series. The new device, dubbed Kobo Vox eReader, is believed to raise stiff challenge to Amazon Kindle Fire. The 7-inch Vox eReader will run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and predominantly it will be a device for eReading. In fact, Kobo has been in eReading industry for a long period. Like Amazon, Kobo is also believed to have a full-fledged color eBook reader now.

What’s new?
Kobo Vox eReader is rightly a higher version to the Toronto-based company’s eReader series. For a while, there have been talks that Kobo Inc. was to roll out a sophisticated version of its eReader series. After the launch of Kindle Fire by Amazon, Kobo was soon expected to announce its alternative for eReading. It has now realized with Kobo Vox eReader.

What’s been refreshed?
Kobo Vox eReader is mainly for reading books, magazines and newspapers. You can install any Android apps, including Amazon AppStore, on the device. In the market, Kobo Vox will hoist challenge to the growing number of 7-inch tablets including Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Pro, Nook Color, and others.

Features walkthrough
7-inch color screen: Kobo Vox features a 7-inch AFFS+ multitouch color display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. The screen is optimized for reading outdoors with an anti-glare touch.

Better memory: Kobo Vox is to come with a 512 RAM and 8 GB internal memory. It also has a microSD slot for cards up to 32 GB.

Good battery: Kobo Vox will run on 7 hours on a single recharge with Wi-Fi on. It is the same longevity other 7-inch tablets offer.

Apps and programs: Kobo eReader is to come preinstalled with several fresh apps and programs. The device will offer Kobo eReading App, Kobo Pulse, Reading Life, photo gallery, and video player. Moreover, you have 15,000 free Android apps for the device.

Others: The device has built-in speakers, headphone jack, micro USB port, and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n.

What’s good?
Kobo Vox is a great tablet. It is specially built for eReading, web surfing and similar uses. Having a 7-inch multitouch color display and less weight, portability is a good thing with the device. You can certainly rely on Vox for eReading. It features several apps and bookstores that you shall want while dealing with the gadget.

What’s not so good?
Kobo is just running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Amazon Kindle Fire is also with Gingerbread. It will be great if the tablet has Android 3.0 Honeycomb instead. Nothing is known about its processor. Some say it will be a dual core processor while others say it will be a single core one. In addition, like Amazon Kindle Fire, Kobo Vox does not sport any camera. You will not be able to either video chat or capture images.

Price and availability
Kobo Vox is to come with the same price tag of Amazon Kindle Fire i.e. $199.99. The device is part of the technology world’s passion towards low-priced and small-screened devices. As per reports, Kobo will ship the product in the week of October.

The technology world has now a host of brilliant 7-inch tablets including Kobo Vox. You have Kindle Fire and Nook Color as the major competitors of Kobo Vox. Of course, Kobo Inc. has designed its Vox tablet in competition to Kindle Fire. Amazon Kindle eReaders have been the leading challenge to Kobo eReader series for a long period. The companies now have switched to a tablet battle from the black and white eReaders. Like Kindle Fire, Vox is also an advanced version of Kobo eReader. Apart from a color display, Vox supports large number of contents including music. That is, you can read books as well as enjoy music and other multimedia contents on devices like Kobo, Kindle Fire and others. It is quite clear that after the 10.1-inch tablet frenzy, we have just entered into that 7-inch tablet (eReader) outbreak.


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