iPad Fridge Magnet

The iPad is a great addition to any kitchen.  A bit of a cliche, we know, but it’s the truth of the matter. You can access a vast array of recipes for whipping up new dishes for the family, surf the web for the latest news while waiting for your chili to simmer, or catch a quick cooking show. However, keeping the iPad out of harm’s way, is a different story.  You can thank boiling water, simmering sauces and heavy to sharp utensils, all of which don’t play nicely with the semi-fragile touchscreen device.

The iPad Fridge Magnet requires no installation and adheres to any fridge, provided of course the front is crafted of a magnetic metal.  It’s actually the perfect solution, because the fridge is usually far enough from the stove top to avoid exploding sauces and since it’s off the counter most if not all of your risk is mitigated.

This particular mount is compatible with both the iPad 1 and 2 and works with Apple’s Smart Covers.  A set of “megamagnets” should insure that the iPad won’t slip, move or fall off the fridge, and removing it shouldn’t leave any scuffs or damage to its facade.  And it works in portrait or landscape mode, just in case you were wondering.

Monster Stuff, in the UK, sells it for £33.99 ($55 US).


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