Today, Motorola delivered a response to Apple regarding the iPhone 4s.  It’s called the DROID RAZR.  Yup, the RAZR, the same phone that rejuivnated the company’s handset division, is back.  But this time, based on specs alone, it doesn’t seem to have any shortcomings.

Despite boasting a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen with a qHD resolution (960×540), the DROID RAZR measures just 7.1mm thick and has been reinforced with KEVLAR fiber and Corning Gorilla glass for added durability.  Motorola has also adorned it with some sort of new fangled nano coating that helps repel the inside and outside of the phone from “every day spills”.   This ain’t official, but this has to make the RAZR the toughest and thinnest 4G smartphone on the market today.

Complementing the jaw dropping exterior is a dual core 1.2Ghz processor, though Motorola hasn’t said of which type.  Unlike Apple’s iPhone 4s, which is capped at 512mb of RAM, the RAZR sports 1GB of memory.  It ships with 16GB of built-in storage and a 16GB microSD card slot, though you should be able to update the latter to 32GB.   An 8 megapixel shooter sits on the back enabling photogs to capture 1080p HD video, or use the front facing HD camera for video chats.  Bluetooth 4.0 and a 1780mAh battery round out the spec set, at least in terms of hardware.

The DROID RAZR will ship with Android 2.3.5 and include two apps from Motorola.  The first, MotoCast, allows you to stream media directly from your computer, or download it, however you see fit, right your handset.  They’re also tossing in an app called Smart Actions, which automates everyday actions, such as screen dimming or switching to silent mode at select times throughout the day.  And let’s not forget about Motorola’s webtop action, enabling the handset to play nicely with their Lapdock 100 or HD station.  Lastly, the RAZR boasts a HotSpot function that can support up to 8 WiFi devices.

The DROID RAZR will cost $299.99 on contract and arrive this November from Verizon Wireless.


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