How to Make iPhone Ringtones for FREE using JUST ITUNES in 8 Easy Steps

Sick of the basic ringtones included on your iPhone?  Do you keep trying to answer your iPhone when you hear the Old Ringtone?  Now, and there has been for some time, a super duper easy way to make free ringtones using iTunes and your preexisting library of music.  And guess what?  We’re gonna tell you how to do it.

1. Find a song you like


2. Right click on the song and select GET INFO


3. In the OPTIONS tab enter the start and stop time.

To figure this out listen to the song and determine a section that you like.  You probably don’t want it to be more than 10 seconds in length.  Avoid songs that aren’t loud enough, otherwise you won’t be able to hear your phone ringing. Once you’ve got the time entered click OK.


4. Right click on that same song and select CREATE AAC VERSION.

A duplicated version will appear just above it.


5. Right click on the duplicated version and click SHOW IN FINDER.

The song will then appear in your finder.


6. Return to iTunes, right click on the duplicated song and click DELETE.



7. Head back to the finder where that song was located and edit the name.

It should read “xyz.m4a”.  Edit it to read “xyz.M4R”.  Your OS will ask you if you want to use .m4r so make sure to CLICK on that.


8. Double click the new song in the finder.

It will automatically beging to play in iTunes.  Click on Ringtones from the iTunes menu and it should appear in there.


9. To add this ringtone to your iPhone, just sync the iPhone.

With your computer and select the new ringtone from the sounds menu in your iPhone.


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