Download Live Wallpapers, animated backgrounds for Android

The Android Live Wallpapers are animated backgrounds that while making the battery last a little less, they are still great and super fun.
After Android 2.1 will incorporate this function to hold funds with movement, some phones come with a few pre-loaded, but the matter is there are thousands available for download, we'll show you a selection that's sure pleased them a lot, not only by the style of each fund, but because they are all free.

Live Koi Wallpaper

With Koi Live Wallpaper, your phone becomes a beautiful tropical fish tank full of Koi, which are characterized by very colorful, with excellent quality and color definition, we can interact with the background, as it has multitouch support so if we touch the screen you will see that there is a sort of wave. No doubt this is one of the most striking Live wallpapers to be found in Google Play.
Note: If you have a Tablet fishbowl effect is much more realistic and enjoyable.

You can download the free version of Live Koi Wallpaper from here.

Shake Them all!

Shake Them All is a screen that uses realistic physics engine and sensor-g to show us how the friendly little mini android fall and scatter across the screen. Just moved from one place to another cell or press the screen will look like androids collide with each other and fly through your desktop phone. In turn, this fund has the option to choose your androids change color according to the battery charge, making it more customizable.


You can download the wallpaper Shake Them All from here.

Jumpgate Live Wallpaper

This is another animated wallpaper, where they will see the android character flying through space. Jumpgate Live Wallpaper can also be customized, thereby changing the background color, speed camera, smooth animation, and more. Also if the image will oppress animation as if the character is flying through space.

Download this wallpaper for your android space by simply clicking here.


Halloween Live Wallpaper Free

One of my favorite animated backgrounds is Halloween Wallpaper Free Live with it have fun smashing pumpkins, turning on lights in the windows, making the witch fly, that bats cry, even if they touch the moon will sound terrific with which can scare your friends and much more. This wallpaper is one that offers more animation and colorful and you can download it for free. 

So if you want to have animated background Halloween Wallpaper Live Free, clickeen this link.


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