Light Pick LED Guitar Pick

One look at the Light Pick and you’d think it’s a one trick pony. But not true.  This handy guitar tool not only adds a cool effect that will surely wow any audience, but boasts some tech that makes it a worthy $25 investment.

While we can’t comment on the viability of the “string shock technology (SST),” that’s exactly what the company, SCLW, says is inside the Light Pick.  It supposedly absorbs vibration, thus increasing the player’s stroke.  Though, we couldn’t help but notice that they used “arm” in reference to this, and last we checked guitar playing was in the wrist.

$25 if a fair bit of cash for a guitar pick, so they’ve made sure that the tip, which receives the brunt of the abuse, is replaceable.  We can only assume that the Light Pick uses LEDs, and while the batteries are user replaceable, these are not.  Sort of a moot point, since you’ll probably lose it before they burn out.

Tapping the Light Pick turns it on.  Lay it down, untouched for 16 seconds, and it will automatically power down.

This version of the Light Pick has only one setting, which is 600 beats/minute.  In addition to blue, there is also a yellow and a green version.

Since the Light Pick is contoured to match the player’s thumb and index finger, which adds comfort for extended playing, you’ll need to select a version to match your playing hand; left or right.


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