Batman Bat Signal Keychain

Gotham City isn’t exactly around the corner, so most of you will have to depend on your local law enforcement to help you out of those less than fortunate scenarios.  But if you’re still holding your breath for the Caped Crusader to sweep you off your feet you’ll probably wanna invest in one of these, the Batman Light Signal Keychain.

It’s shaped just like the Batarang and features a built-in flash light that projects the Batman signal onto, well, any bedroom wall.  Chances are Batman won’t arrive, but perhaps combining this with a $300 laser that can blast 85 miles into the sky will conjure up some results.   But really, we recommend dialing your local police force in the event of an emergency, unless your emergency calls for some serious geekiness.

The Batman Light Signal Key Chain is die-cast and sells for $24.99.


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