iPhone 5 Announcement Officially October 4th, Possible Launch October 14th

If you ain’t heard, Apple will be presenting their next iPhone to the public on October 4th, 2011.  That’s right, details of the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s will be arriving a week from today.  When the phone will go on sale is still unknown, but there is a rumor floating around that it will hit stores 10 days later, on October 14th.  The 14th is a Friday and historically Apple has kicked off new iPhone sales on that day of the week, so it could be true or complete BS.

Rumors to date include a larger 4-inch screen, slimmer body, metal back, all new voice control feature and NFC.  We’re sure there will be a bunch of updates, many of them coming in the form of iOS 5.  It too should launch on the same day and will officially roll out the full version of iCloud, allowing you to back up your iPhone’s contacts, music, photos and more without lifting a finger.

The iPhone 5 event will start at 10am sharp and will be held at Apple’s headquarters.  As always a limited number of press invites have been sent, as seen above.  We will NOT be in attendance.  Tear.


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