GadgetReview 0digg TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Watch

TAG Heuer’s Mikrotimer watch is a work of beauty. But it’s not this watch’s good looks that make it notable. The Mikrometer can measure up to 1/1000s of a second.

It accomplishes this feat by spinning its internals, or calibers at 500 rotations per second, or 3.6 million times per hour. It’s a dizzying number to comprehend and we can only assume that there aren’t any practical applications.

Despite the Mikrometer’s insane rotations per hour, it probably won’t keep time any better than a $50 watch. But anyone investing in one of these, just as much as any expensive watch, won’t care about that. It’s the prestige and remarkableness of a watch the derives its value. The more rare and strange, the more expensive.

Unfortunately, TAG Heuer has no immediate plans to make the Mikrometer available for purchase. So at this point it’s priceless.


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