Bram Stoker’s Dracula Charging Dock for iPhone

A book placed bedside is a fitting fixture that strangely enough adds a warmth and presence to any bedroom.  Why do books boast this quality?  A room with a book shelf stuffed full of novels versus an empty book shelf is more welcoming, just begging for you to come in.  Perhaps it’s the vast amount of knowledge contained beneath their covers, or that someone has taken the effort and time to convey their thoughts and perspectives to anyone willing to pick up the paper binded apparatus.

Whatever the reason, we’re drawn to the The Vampire Dracula Book Charging Dock for iPhone and iPod.  It’s an Etsy creation, which means that it is handmade and not mass manufactured.  So the chances of someone else having this charging dock in their room is slim to none.  But there is more to like about this dock than just its rarified nature.  It’s made from  a NEW leather bound copy of Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula.  The inside of the book has been hollowed out, which keeps the cord neatly tucked away, though you’ll need to use your own wall wart.

The Vampire Dracula Book Charging Dock for iPhone and iPod is currently available for $55.


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