Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank

Spying on friends, family or your girlfriend is never a good idea, but if you’re gonna do it you might wanna consider the Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank.  Okay, so the odds of you actually pulling off a spy mission with this is slim at best, but you can’t knock any RC toy that can be controlled from an iOS device and its sure as hell quieter than the A.R. Drone.

It uses a direct WiFi connection and an accompanying app to let you view the onboard video camera, snap pics and move it from room to room.  You can opt for the good old onscreen arrows to move it from point A to point B or go with the accelerometer option which lets you tilt and angle your way into the cubicle of your choice, though total range is limited to 100 feet through walls or 200 feet with a direct line of sight.  The camera is equipped with a night vision for capturing nefarious night time activities, but we have no clue what you’d use that for.

The  Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank takes 6 AA batteries. In our experience, specifically with the the A.R. Drone, this is a better option since a proprietary battery can be costly and not as accessible or versatile.  Though you’ll probably want to invest in a set of rechargeables for the sake of your bank account.  Speaking of which the Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank costs $149.99 and is available now.


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