ColorWare’s Grip For the iPad Is Awesome

ColorWare is doing a good thing for iPad users. If given the choice to enshrine my iPad in a strong, light, and barely noticeable aircraft-grade aluminum wireframe briefcase handle, I would do it in a heartbeat.

And that’s the thing, now I can do it, and ColorWare’s site for their Grip offers a lot of customization options. The Grip looks good on the iPad, and their online ‘design studio’ gets it right with a slew of color possibilities and finishes like “gloss”, “softtouch” and “chrome”.

Let me say this again, I’m excited about this little gadget just looking at the photos, it looks gloriously easy to set up, makes it easier to carry your iPod, and seems to protect it from bumps and bruises from quite a few angles.

The only downside is that it costs a whopping $300!


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