Colorware iPad Grip Review


  • Perfectly molded to fit the iPad
  • Awesome industrial design
  • Leaves all ports unobstructed


  • Costs $300; too expensive for its function
  • No quick release; you need a hex key to remove the 4 screws
  • Doesn’t protect the back of the iPad

Colorware is best known for their custom finished iPhones, Blackberries, iPads, computers and other assorted popular devices.  That’s their core focus and they do a damn fine job.  But apparently the just had an itch they couldn’t quite scratch by modding other company’s products and decided to take their first stab at product design and production.  The result?  The Colorware iPad Grip.

Like many other sites we covered the handy device when it was first announced.  The design is relatively simple.  It’s two pieces of metal (handle and case) that are held together by 4 screws.  Remove the screws, split apart the case and you can wrap it around the iPad.  Walla, now your iPad has a briefcase like form factor.
Included is a custom tool for removing the screws.  It’s basically a hex key in a T shape, which makes screwing and unscrewing the 4 screws a bit easier than say an every day hex key.  Lose the tool and you’ll have to dig into your tool box or visit the hardware store if you want to remove the iPad grip.

In terms of construction the iPad Grip is solid.  It’s a bit hard to wax poetic about two pieces of metal, but it fits the iPad like a glove, which might explain its price (more on that later).

To fit the iPad Grip onto Apple’s tablet computer you’ll want to err on the side of caution.  After all, we’re talking metal on metal and you know what that means; scratches (we didn’t experience any during or removing of our fitting).  After it’s secure, and the two pieces have been placed together just insert the four screws and get screwing.  I recommend popping the screws out since they’re rather small in size and have a tendency to “jump out” when the “handle” and the “case” are placed together.
Once installed you’re iPad, as I already said, is converted to a briefcase like format.  It’s kind of neat, but to be honest I didn’t have a problem carrying my iPad in hand before the iPad Grip showed up at my door.  I did discover though, that in portrait mode you can slip your hand through the handle and sort of wedge it in place so you don’t have to be constantly gripping the tablet.

As you’ll notice the iPad Grip has been molded, or should I say grooved, to leave all the ports, including the sync port unobstructed.  It’s worth noting that the iPad Grip does not prevent the back of the iPad from touching a surface when it’s laid on its back – the Grip’s case is narrow enough that the back of the iPad extends slightly beyond the frame of the case.
I would have preferred a quick release for removing the iPad Grip.  In other words, the screws take time to remove and don’t make the case a convenient choice for those that use a of dock to charge, sync, listen or watch their iPad’s contents.  On the other hand the screws complement the industrial design of the iPad so its really coolness over convenience.

So here is the deal.  The iPad Grip retails for…drum roll…an astounding $300.  That’s more than half – 60% to be exact – the cost of the 16GB iPad WiFi.  Sure, you can color the “handle” and the “case” whatever color you choose, but that’s just entirely too much money such limited functionality.  On the upside, most people won’t want to spring for something like this, and with a wide array of colors to choose from you’ll surely get people checking out your kit.
I suggest checking out Colorware‘s color options, even if you’re not gonna buy one.


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