Actor Notebook Case

If’ you’ve made an investment into one of Apple’s Macbook Pros then you’re probably relatively cognizant of how you dress and what bag you tote your precious laptop in.  Last we saw, the Bamboo Blackbox Cases were the answer to our needs.  But a new contender has emerged, though it appears to be largely conceptual – at least for now: the “Actor” notebook case.

To a large degree it’s a wood suitcase.  When and if it becomes available, it will accomodate up to a 17-inch laptop, which they say can also hold a power supply and mouse.  The inside is lined with felt to protect your laptop from sudden jolts as well as scratches.  To access the case’s interior, there is a unique hinged opening that fastens closed using a thumb screw or lock.

Though no specs have been provided on an official level, the pictures seemed to indicate that they do have the Apple consumer in mind.  In other words, this case won’t hold one of those fatty laptops.

The “Actor” notebook case is designed by Athanasios Babalis and Christina Skouloudi.  Their work will be unveiled at London Design Week 2011.


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