Panasonic Lumix GX1 Pocket DSLR

A 16 megapixel MOS live sensor and up to 14 interchangeable lenses are just two of many, many features that the LUMIX GX1 has to offer, Panasonic’s latest and greatest pocket DLSR camera.  While it embodies much of the same features as the GF1, GF2 and GF3, the GX1 is better suited for an all around photographer that demands customizability, but also the easy of use from a point and shoot.

The body of the GX1 is crafted from aluminium chassis resulting in a weight of just 413 grams.  You’ll be able to choose from two finishes: Gunmetal Grey and Raven Black, but both sound equally attractive, so no going wrong there.  In addition to a 16 megapixel sensor, Panasonic has reduced the auto focus time to just .9 seconds, which the company says is the fastest “ among Compact System Cameras”.  Burst mode lets you capture up to 20 frames per second and you can also record full HD video, though when the ISO is cranked 12,800 you can expect some of those capabilities to be reduced.

Much like the GF3, the GX1 includes a 3-inch touchscreen allowing to touch to focus and activate the shutter.  A hot shoe makes room for an angle adjustable viewfinder and since there is a built-in flash you can have both mounted at the same time unlike some other cameras in the same class.    There is of course face detection, an auto scene mode as well as auto mode.  Panasonic has also added two macro touchscreen button as well as two macro buttons for engaging your favorite options in a moment’s notice.  And what kind of camera would the GX1 be if it couldn’t capture 3D photos, though you’ll need to invest in a special digital lens, though we’d rather opt for the all new pancake sized 14-42mm X Zoom lens.

The GX1 with their  H-FS014042 lens will launch mid-December for about $800, though you can buy the body for $100 less.  Sometime in January they’ll kick out a version that includes the H-PS14042.


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