iHome iP4 Boombox

During the 80s the Boombox was one of the hippest audio devices on the market.  That and the Sony Walkman.  It was composed of an FM/AM radio, tape deck and a set of over sized speakers that produced enough sonic boom to hopefully set off a dance party.  It was also a portable audio system thanks to the built-in handle, though more often than not break dancers and those alike would just sling the system over their shoulder and strut their swagger down the street.

The 80s might be well and gone, but the boombox is here to stay, that is if iHome has anything to say about it.  The iP4 replaces the cassette player with, what else, a 30-pin dock for your iPod or iPhone.  To keep with the retro feel they’ve added 5 adjustable EQ sliders with an LCD graphic equalizer.  In the sonic department there are 4″ carbon composite woofers and 1″ ferro fluid cooled tweeters backed by a class D amplifier. 

The iP4 can be powered off the wall or 6 D batteries.  However, note that the latter power option is ultra 80s.  For those of you without an iPod or iPhone, iHome has included an AUX input, though you probably won’t even begin to consider this device if the case is such.  iHome is also tossing in a remote that magnetically sticks to the player, which hopefully means you won’t lose it when you travel from location to location on the Venice boardwalk in your roller skates.

The iHome iP4 is available now for $199.99


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