Trexta Rotating Folio iPhone Wallet

In terms of form factor it’s very comparable to that of the HEX Code Wallet; it holds two credit card and stays shut thanks to a strap.  However, their version seems to address some of the shortcomings we found while reviewing HEX’s version.  For instance, instead of an elastic strap they’ve opted for a leather latch.  They’ve also included just 2 credit card slots instead of 3, which in our testing we discovered that was one too many and resulted in a bulge that ruined the shape of the HEX Code Wallet.  And while we haven’t got a hands on with the Rotating Folio, it appears as though the fold or hinge includes enough material that it won’t warp or change shape when two cards are inserted.

Now what distinctly sets the Trexta iPhone Wallet apart from the Hex Wallet, is that the dock is rotatable, enabling the iPhone to be viewed in landscape mode while perched up on the latch.  Cool, huh?

The whole thing is crafted from real leather, protects the iPhone from scratches, and comes in black, red or brown.  You can snag one of your own for $40, $10 less than HEX’s offering.


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