Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus may not be as slim as the DROID RAZR, but it’s damn close measuring just 8.84mm thin.  However, it puts the RAZR’s screen to shame, by sporting a larger 4.65″ HD (1280×720) Super AMOLED display.  But on the converse, the Galaxy Nexus’ camera tops out at 5 megapixels and while it can capture full HD video, it’s still 3 megapixels short of the RAZR’s image capturing abilities.

Comparisons aside, the Galaxy Nexus will ship with Android 4.0, which brings a suite of new tools.  To unlock the Galaxy Nexus you simply hold it up to your face, smile, and presto it unlocks.  So no longer do you have to fumble with that funky Android passcode system when you wake up foggy eyed and uncoordinated.  Google has also integrated their Google+ service directly into the OS, the ability to text or type with your voice and a one swipe panoramic photo mode, though this latter feature maybe exclusive to the Galaxy Nexus.

In the hardware department there is a 1.2Ghz dual core processor backed by 1GB of RAM and 4G (LTE and HSPA+) connectivity, delivering yet another blow to the iPhone’s almost impenetrable armor.  In a strange turn of events, the Galaxy Nexus’ hardware will be devoid of a microSD card slot, leaving Android fans stuck at 16GB or 32GB of storage capacities.  Also under the hood is an NFC chip, which not only allows Galaxy Nexus owners to communicate with other comparable handsets and devices in close range, but make payments at NFC kiosks using, what eles, Google Wallet.

At this time Samsung hasn’t said when the Galaxy Nexus will ship, but if we had to guess, probably early November.


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