Logitech 525 Wireless Mouse Stays Charged for 3 Years

Logitech’s M525 looks like your garden variety mouse, but what makes this peripheral worth a closer look is its unbelievable battery life. But before we tell you what that is, we’ll go ahead and torture you with some benign specs.

The M525 is of the laser tracking ilk and sports a micro-precise wheel that Logitech says “packs more grooves per millimetre, giving you a smoother navigation experience.”  In fact, they’re sort of hoping this scroll wheel, which also includes some sort of “built-in tilt wheel”, is analogous to swiping…on a touchscreen.  A bit of a stretch, but we applaud they’re marketing verbage nonetheless.

Now for the juicy deet: the battery life.  Assuming the moon, the sun and the stars are all aligned – there is an on/off switch to boot – you can achieve up to 3 years on a single pair of AAs.  That’s right, you’ll be able to go almost 1100 days without replacing the M525′s batteries.  And like all of Logitech’s wireless mouse, they’re including their ultra tiny Unifying receiver, which can connect up to 6 compatible devices at the same time.

No word on a US release date, but the Logitech 525 will hit retail shelves this month for £34.99 ($55 US).


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