IRIS 9000 Voice Control Module for the iPhone & Siri

While ThinkGeek’s IRIS 9000 voice control module for iPhone & Siri won’t open the bay doors or fix you a chicken sandwich, it will allow you to access the iPhone 4s’ SIRI voice command from up to 50 feet away.  Just simply dock your iPhone into the “2001″ inspired device, walk away and click the talk button on the included pocket sized remote.  A built-in mic in the base, not the remote, can hear your voice from up a distance and a speaker amplifies SIRI’s spoken responses.

What are the practical applications of controlling your girlfriend SIRI from up to 50 feet away?  You can easily send and receive text messages from across the room as well as make telephone calls since it boasts a built-in mic.  It’s just too bad it can’t lock your doors, power on the lights and control your heating and cooling.  

If anything, the IRIS 9000 will be a great complement to your “2001: A Space Odyssey” costume.  Unfortunately, it has yet to go on sale.

ThinkGeek will sell the IRIS 9000 for $59.99.  Sign up to be notified by email when it becomes available.


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