Griffin Multidock Charges Up to 30 iPads

Chances are the average household has no problem charging, two to three iPad simultaneously.  But if you’ve got a squad of nerds at your disposal, such as an IT department or mobile technicians, then charging all those Apple tablet devices is a process in upon itself.  Fold syncing into the mix, you know, to make sure they have all the same apps for maximum work flow and compatibility, and you’ve got a full on geek headache.

The Griffin Multidock can sync and charge up to 10 iPads simultaneously.  A set of LED lights indicate the charge status and each bay will shut down independently once the iPad is fully charged.  A single USB connection allows you to administer their contents, such as apps, media and settings.

If 10 isn’t enough, you connect up to 3 bays, allowing you to charge and sync a total of 30 iPads, all of which can be securely outfitted with one of Griffin’s cases.

The only problem?  Each bay costs $699.99.  But you can buy more or less depending your needs.


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