DXG’s DXG-5F9V 3D Camcorder

3D porn movies are no longer relegated to the professionals.  Now you and your loved one can experience your Gonzo styled exploits in 3D thanks to DXG’s DXG-5F9V.  While we’ll ignore the fact that they’ve placed the brand name directly in the model, we can’t help but oggle the price, which is a mere $299.  Pretty darn cheap for a 3D shooter which captures full HD in 3 dimensions.

Alternatively, you can snap 5 megapixel photos or good old fashioned 2D full HD videos.  A 3.2-inch displays allows you to review your handy work without those pesky 3D glasses, though you’ll need to run to your local Walmart and pick up an SD card, since this bad boy only ships with 128mb of storage built-in.

Now, it’s not clear if you can switch into 2D mode after recoding in 3D, but it’s most certainly viable since we’ve seen this option in other 3D camcorders and in theory the information already exists.  Eitherway, you’ll probably want an HDTV, ideally one that can output a 3D image, since you can jack the DXG-5F9V directly into one using the built-in HDMI port.

Sold?  You can by one today directly from DXG.


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