Craftsman Assurelink Garage Door Openers

We’ve all done it.  Opened the garage and drove out only to forget to close it.  Go back and you’ll be late for work, but alternatively you’ll spend your day consumed by images of the neighbor’s kid and his degenerate friends dismantling your home at the screws with your very own power tools.  However, chances are you didn’t leave the garage open, but wouldn’t you like the piece of mind to know you didn’t?

The Craftsman Assurelink Garage Door Openers does that and more.  It connects to your home’s Internet (hopefully wirelessly) and allows you to access its controls on your iPhone or Android device.  So provided you’ve got an Internet connection, you can open/close your garage from just about anywhere and check to see if you left it wide open.

While it might seem like a pricey prospect for opening your car’s hanger bay, Craftsman also includes a motion detector that automatically turns on the lights, a wireless key entry keypad, a timer function to automatically close the door and an energy efficient sleep mode to save on energy.

For some added scratch, $310+, you can pick up a version that includes a backup battery in case a rolling blackout is deployed, otherwise expect to drop $275.


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