3M CP45 Projector Camcorder

Earlier this year Cisco killed the Flip.  After all, all it could do was record HD video, and not any better than a smartphone.  So it’s relatively safe to assume that category of device is all together extinct, right?  Wrong.  Today, 3M released the CP45.

This pocket friendly device combines an HD camcorder and a projector in one.  It can record up to 720p HD video, 5 megapixel still photos and includes an LED flash for night time shots.  Built-in memory caps at 2GB but that can be increased by adding a microSD card slot.  In addition to a 2.4-inch LCD screen, it can project an 800×600 image ranging from 10-inch to 65-inches in size on any surface with a brightness of 20 lumens. So it ain’t ultra bright, but should suffice for showing off pics or video, provided of course you’ve got a dark room.  Unfortunately, battery life (it’s rechargeable) is rather limited, allowing you to project images up to 100 minutes, which doesn’t account for video recording or photo capturing.

The 3M CP45 is available now for $299.  Of note, you can buy Nikon’s S1100 for about $200.


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