Samsung MV800 Dual View Camera

Samsung’s dual-view cameras have been on the market for a few years now.  

The initial batch incorporated a single sensor with two screens.  On the back was a full sized LCD that included the camera’s menu options, while the forward facing screen was half the size and simply displayed the camera’s shot.  The forward facing LCD screen could also be used to display images to entertain babies, though the thought of clowns makes us shiver with fear.

Today, Sammy unveiled the MV800.  It builds upon the dual-view line of cameras, but removes the front facing LCD and replaces it with a 3-inch wide flip-out touchscreen display that can be literally be flipped up and shown to those looking into the camera’s lens.  A 16 megapixel sensor ensures high res photos and HD video capture, all of which is complemented by a 5x optical zoom and dual image stabilization.

Samsung says that their Smart Touch 3.0 UI promises intuitive operation, but we’ll gladly reserve judgement until we get our mits on a review unit.  But that’s the least of its features, since the MV800 incorporates a Live Panorama function that is supposedly is as easy as holding down the shutter button; and a 3D mode, though it doesn’t incorporate a second sensor or lens, so it’s achieved by merging two images together that are close in proxmixity.

There is also Picture-in-Picture function that lets users place a pic within a pic, a Magic Frame feature that includes 12 background templates, a Smart Filter that lets you add 14 artistic effects, including the newly added Water Paint for a stylish watercolor finish or the Cartoon capability.  A photo manipulation tool called Funny Face is also part of this point and shoot’s arsenal, allowing you to bend, stretch and manipulate portraits just by tapping or dragging the image with your fingertip.

Those challenged with postering up for a photo might find some relief using the Pose Guide function, which advises users how to best get into position with line drawings on the LCD screen.  If that isn’t enough, aspiring photogs can edit photos on the fly or simply use the Beauty Shot feature that automatically edits out any imperfections in the shot.

Lastly, the MV800 can assist the aspiring movie maker.  A story board mode allows the auteur inside you to place images in any sequence you see fit, and an unnamed mode which captures 2 additional photos at a varied zoom level.

We haven’t got word on a price or launch date, but we’d the MV800 to arrive in the next 30 days.


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