Movie Mount for iPad 2

The iPad 2 can record 720p video.  In other words hi-def.  Unlike the iPhone, though, it’s form factor doesn’t make it a practical shooter. On the other hand, editing footage on the iPad is far more suitable than the iPhone since it sports a much larger screen.  So what’s the answer?

Enter the Movie Mount for the iPad 2.  It’s a case that securely wraps the iPad 2, which supports not only 2 hot shoe mounts for adding lights, a view finder, and a shotgun microphone, but includes a mount for attaching a wide angle or telephoto lens and a tripod mount for achieving those professional shots.

The “slide on the fly” lens mechanism allows you to fast switch between lenses without having to remove them. It’s compatible with any lens that has a 37mm thread and you can purchase an adapter, though we’re not sure on compatibility.

The design of the case allows for the iPad 2 to be stood up in landscape mode without any support, though it doesn’t look like the most stable of incarnations we’ve seen.

If you plan on using an additional microphone you’ll need to invest in a y-cable, though those can be found at a Radio Shack on the cheap.  Initially, we weren’t convinced that an additional mic would be necessary, but after viewing the below product video our minds have been changed.


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