Mouse with Built-in Digital Scale

Where there is smoke…there is probably a weed smoker and perhaps even a dealer.  You’ll probably also find a laptop or some sort of computer laying around their crib playing Sienfeld reruns.  And it’s not like this mouse will prevent the PoPo from deeming them a drug wielding and dealing suspect, it will perhaps add a certain level of bewildered amustment when the cops perform their drug raid.

The USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale is not just your regular optical mouse.  In fact, it doubles as a digital scale that can measure objects weighing 0.1g to 500g.  Just pop off the cover, insert two AAA batteries and what was once a one trick pony will become a multifaceted device.  It even has a backlit LCD display.
Brando – who else – sells it for just $22.


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