CTA Digital Deluxe Power Grip for Nintendo 3DS

While CTA’s Digital’s Deluxe Power Grip won’t resolve those nagging eye strain problems, it most certainly might be the solution you’ve been searching for when it comes to the 3DS’ short battery life, and anything but ergonomic shape.

This controller come battery latches on the the 3Ds and doubles the portable consoles battery life. A USB port lets you ditch Nintendo’s AC power pak and a set of LED lights indicate when the device is fully charged.

If you haven’t noticed the ergonomic shape mimics that of an Xbox 360 controller, so if you own both video game consoles transitioning between the two should be seamless, at least in terms of feel.  It’s made of a silicone material so you can probably expect it to be more comfortable than a traditional plastic finish and also make sure your sweaty palms don’t cause you to lose your grip at the pique of gaming.

The CTA Digital Deluxe Power Grip sells for $30 and includes a kickstand that doubles as a storage slot for an additional 3DS game.


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