Nokia GEM, a Full Touch Phone

Constantly on mobile technology progresses to the point that there is now a full touch mobile which is in every corner, so Nokia has just unveiled the Nokia GEM a mobile device that interacts with the user via touch screens in the front on the sides and rear. Each of these screens are integrated with each other allowing optimal performance for response of Nokia GEM.

No doubt the operation of this cell could change the way people relate to them as being completely touch can take advantage of all the spaces to work with the phone.
Some of the qualities that have this phone is that we can see that on the sides of the Nokia GEM has two protruding ends, which serve to slide the shortcuts, also at the center will be a virtual keyboard and a screen that expands or contracts with only the movement of our fingers.

According to the video below we leave the Nokia GEM, we note that this will allow us to share files with another cell of the same model information as if pouring out a glass of water, may also play videos and animations on the entire surface of the phone, and the wallpaper using the cover completely.

As we can launch to ensure that this possible necessary as Nokia recently reported that this phone is a prototype which should test much yet to achieve optimum performance and to be dreamed by all mobile phone users.


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