Flexible screen phone will be launched in 2012

Who said you can not "bend" the screen of a mobile phone?, As Nokia and Samsung have already done the test, as these two major companies launched from next year flexible-screen phones. So, first presented at the Finnish factory Nokia Kinetic technology word and this showed a phone that can be folded up and down without damaging it in the least, before this presentation is not far behind Samsung and a few days after announcement flexible screen equipment sold in 2012.
Nokia by the prototype screen that presents not much resented that was folded and controls responded perfectly every time they were required. For the presentation will use special software that includes a music player and a folder with images, then to raise and lower the volume had to be done twisting in different directions, and to give a click or select a file had to bend in the center of the screen, and if they wanted to go back just had to bend the center outward, or upward.

Given this demonstration Nokia executives explained that this technology would not replace the touch screen at all, but the perfected and in turn help the cell more resistant to shocks and water.

On the side of samsung only commented that these phones sold early next year and the technology they already have. Recall that in January this year the company presented a flexible AMOLED screen 4 inches with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

Before this all you need to know is whether the various operating systems like Android or Windows Phone IOS will join the new projects and collaborate with your help. So be sure and end joining this new technology so it seems is going to surprise everyone.


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