Cheats And Codes For The Nokia N73

Today we let the users of the Nokia N73 a few tricks and secret codes that this phone has, which will help them when they see your mobile performance is not optimal because it allows them to delete temporary files and reset the cell if needed or just to get important information like IMEI code.

Then we leave the tricks to improve the performance of the Nokia N73.

 Codes for Nokia N73:
  • Check the IMEI: The IMEI is the code that identifies our phone in the world, each phone has a unique IMEI, to know just need to type * # 06 #.
  • Full reset: This option is to delete everything that is in the memory cell, including the contacts, so be careful when using this option. To reset the phone, simply type * # 7370 # 12345 and then give ok.Soft reset: This option differs from the previous is more severe, because some things simply delete the phone. To use it should write * # 7780 # 12345 and give the ok.
  • Format the phone: To format the phone, you must first shut down and then press the keys *, 3 and the call key with this if the phone does not lit well, now it will.Delete Email, GPRS, MMS: In case you want to delete the Email, GPRS, MMS, should enter * # 335738 #. And in case you want to remove data from the telephone company of which you are users to switch to another, for then simply press * # delset #.
  • Change lock code: If the lock code is preset and is not to your liking, you can change it by typing * # 7370925538 #.
Here are some tricks that let them now for the Nokia N73, if they know others can comment to us to be well received.


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