Boxee Live TV

Boxee Box is about to get a little bit better thanks to a small device called the Boxee Live TV.  It plugs into the Boxee Box (the one made by D-Link – this won’t work with your PC or Mac) and allows you to navigate and watch terrestrial HD broadcasts such as NBC, CBS, FOX and more right on the device.

They’re tossing in a portable antenna into the mix, but keep in mind that you may not live within close enough proximity of a tower to receive a signal.  For that, Boxee recommends that you plug in an unencrypted cable connection (using ClearQAM), which is often provided with your Cable Internet connection and should achieve similar results.

However, we’re hearing there is no DVR function with the Boxee Live.  So you’ll be left to watch everything as it happens.  No matter, since the majority of content is already steaming online, with the exception of the NFL and many other live sporting events, which is probably what this handy device is good for.

For $49 it’s not a bad deal, especially when yo consider that the Mohu Leaf, a small HDTV antenna you stick on your wall, is $45.


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