Turbo Fire EVO Wireless Controller Brings a 1.7″ Screen to the Frag Party

Sega’s Dreamcast ended in failure.  But despite its shortcomings, the system did boast one major feature that will forever be cherished: a memory card that included a mini monochrome display that complemented a select number of games.  Mimicking that tech is Datel’s Turbo Fire EVO Wireless controller for the Xbox 360.

On the face sits a 1.7-inch color LCD screen allowing you to easily select and manipulate the controller’s wide array of controls, which include turbo fire, sniper mode, low recoil mode, combo sequences and mission specific button mapping.  In real world terms, this means you can rapid fire at your opponents without lifting your finger off the trigger, map a button to perform a macro or modify the controls such that you can have the same layout in Call of Duty as you do in Halo.  Analog sensitivity and trigger buttons can also be manipulated dependent on your tastes, or should we say penchant for fragging.  You can even flip the analog stick to accommodate left handed players.

Because there is no sense in missing out on gameplay, or kills, they’ve added small set of buttons underneath that quickly flip between your options, which are complemented by blue glowing grips that indicate when Turbo Rapid fire mode is enabled.

Looking for more gaming versatility than you can dream up?  Plug the Turbo Fire EVO into a PC via USB and you can download EVO’s built-in custom profiles.

The Turbo Fire EVO is compatible with Xbox 360 battery packs, or two AA batteries.  Surprisingly, it costs just $54.99.


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