Carla Symbian: Images and features of new OS

Thanks to the web and you can see the first images of Symbian Carla, the new version of Nokia's Symbian operating system, remember that with the advent of Windows Phone Nokia had speculated with abandon Symbian to focus on software Microsoft, but apparently was not as well as supposed and Nokia had announced they would offer support for Symbian until 2016, but what nobody knew was that I had prepared a surprise and that is the Symbian Carla.

Nokia Carla, as it really should be called, will succeed the current Belle Symbian version, this new software has all the improvements which we can see from the pictures. First we start with its design, the interface is similar to the Windows Phone Mango, since it has a simple and smooth background with different fonts similar to the Microsoft operating system. Also, windows, buttons, menus and other things are also similar to Windows Phone.

Moreover the features Carla Browser 8.0 for browsing the Internet in a more simple, Dolby Soundround, NFC and improved widgets to access phone features. It also has a virtual QWERTY keyboard similar to the Nokia Lumia, the browser has a more simple and so is the application to play music that is much simpler and attractive.

As for the phones that can receive the Nokia Carla is estimated to be 808 Pureview Nokia, Nokia 700, Nokia 600 and Nokia 701. Other smartphone for now would be out of this new version, just as you always have to wait for the official word from Nokia, which is where you can rightly say when will this operating system and cell phones that have them.


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