Official Application for Android Wikipedia

Finally android is now available for the official implementation of Wikipedia, and is now able to see any information in the encyclopedia more important as they do on the pc but now through your phone.

Wikipedia Mobile provides access to more than 20 million itemsavailable in 280 languages, with the possibility that you can select the language of the article you are reading.

Some of the updates to the mobile Wikipedia counts are:
  • The ability to mark pages for offline reading
  • Detailed History
  • Options to select best pieces of text for the separation of notes
  • Change font size
  • Change default language
  • Search suggestions in real time.
  • Save Page
  • Bookmark this article
  • Sharing items with friends
Another strength of this application is its interface, which is veryeasy to use and is very well suited to android devices.

As for its use is very simple, when entering mobile Wikipediaarticle and see the ephemeris of the day, and pressing the buttonwill take you to the Wikipedia home screen of the application to perform any questions they wish.

Wikipedia app Movie is a very complete and ofcourse we recommend you have, so I can download for free from the link below.


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