Xtrememac Tango Bar

At this point everyone knows the best way to sell an accessory of any type is to position it against an Apple product.  Or in the case of Xtrememac, all of your products play complement to Apple’s line of products.

Announced yesterday, the  Tango Bar speaker is designed to fit perfectly under an iMac or Apple’s Cinema Display.  Packed inside is a six speaker configuration with dual dome tweeters, midrange/bass drivers and passive radiators that Xtrememac says delivers a “best in class audio” experience and twice the output (10 watts) of most if not all USB powered computer speakers.

What makes this setup particularly nice, aside from the fact that is sits neatly underneath your iMac’s screen, is that it’s powered purely off your computer’s USB port, which should deliver the audio as well.  That means you’re two less cords away from a rat’s nest.  And it doesn’t hurt that the volume knob is backlit in Xtrememac’s branded colors and includes a headphone jack, a sub-woofer out for those seeking more oomph in their tunes and a line in jack.

The Xtrememac Tango bar is retailing for $99.99, though a 3rd party is already selling it on Amazon for about $70.

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