iPad for Facebook Now Live

After much conjecture, hype and a leak, Facebook for the iPad has finally arrived.

In this case, the good old “took them long enough” hardly suffices.  The first iPad has already been on the market for just shy of two years and many sources point to the fallout between Apple and Facebook over the tablet manufactuer’s Ping service as the reason behind the delay.  However, Facebook employees have chalked it up to development delays.  Would it be too soon to suggest that perhaps the passing of Steve Jobs was enough motive to finally get the world’s largest social network to move forward?

Facebook for iPad allows users to view photos and videos in full screen as well as capture content using the iPad’s camera and post them to their news feed.  Games can also be played in full screen.  In terms of navigation, you can pinch, slide or tap from one screen to the next.  Ultimately, Facebook for the iPad should be a breath of fresh air for those that have long used the iPhone app in 2x mode.

Facebook for the iPad is available now from iTunes for $0.


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