Samsung DROID CHARGE for Verizon Wireless – Only $0.01

Amazon has a sweet deal available on this powerful Samsung DROID CHARGE for Verizon Wireless!

Looking to get the latest and greatest smartphone for a minimal price point? Then don’t miss this epic deal on the new Droid Charge from Samsung! This interesting phone provides you with an Android operating environment powered by a speedy 1Ghz Hummingbird processor and brought to you via a large 4.3-Inch HD display. The Charge allows you to connect to the Internet at super high speeds thanks to its connectivity to the 4G network and while this model has a 2GB internal memory limit it comes preloaded with a 32GB MicroSD giving you a whopping 34GBs of total space to start with. In addition you have connectivity with Bluetooth which is always handy and the ability to create a mobile 4G hotspot for up to 10 devices at one to share the love. This is all wrapped into a sleek and stylish package you can take with you anywhere.

Sign a 2-year contract and this phone ships to your front door for $0.01.  That include free shipping and handling


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